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Discorery the Parc National du Mont-Tremblant
  • The Parc Journal is available at the Boisé du lac Front desk or Download (pdf)

  • Acces to the National Parc of Mont-Tremblant

  • With its six great rivers and 400 lakes and streams, Parc national du Mont-Tremblant is a canoer's paradise. It's a rich amalgam of Québec's natural and historic heritages, being the largest and oldest park in the network. This wilderness is so vast that it is home to 40 mammal species, including the wolf. There is also the Via ferrata du Diable, an intermediate activity between hiking and climbing that will let you discover the park's mountains in a way you could otherwise only dream about. Parc national du Mont-Tremblant is open year-round and has something for everyone.

    New Multi-Purpose Trail: Boucle des Chutes-Croches

    The Boucle des Chutes-Croches trail in the La Diable Sector is a 13,4-km trail that goes around Lac Monroe and ends at the Chutes Croches waterfall. You’ll be thrilled by the many points of interests along the trail, whether you’re on a hybrid bike, on foot or on cross-country skis. This trail is the easiest way to get around, so you can give your car a holiday too!

    Book you Daily acces to the National Parc (step 3 - online reservation)

    - Adult (18 and +) 7.50$
    - Family (2 adults & 2 childrens) 15.00$

  • Les Méandres: Unguided Canoe Trip for Everyone down Rivière du Diable

  • This trip down the river’s meanders takes a half-day and will offer you some unforgettable sights. Admire the spectacular Vache Noire rock wall and enjoy the sandy shoreline, where you can bask in the sun for a well-deserved break. The package includes a canoe, lifejackets and return transportation within the park.

    Book this activie online (step 3 - online reservation)

    - Rate/Canot Parc entry fee included (max 2 adults et 1 children) 70.00$+taxes

    we will contact you by email or phone for confirm the appointment
    After confirmation, please note Only Parc of Mont-Tremblant can cancel this activitie.

  • La Via ferrata du Diable

  • A Mountain Experience that Promises to be Feast for the Eyes!
    Located at Parc national du Mont-Tremblant, the Via Ferrata du Diable is a trail on the cliffs of the Vache Noire at the entrance to La Diable. Whether you are at a beginner, intermediate or advanced level, you will never forget this hike, which you will embark on with a guide. You will safely walk over beams, cross various types of bridges and two footpaths. You will slowly make your way to a footpath that will give you a bird's-eye view of the Rivière du Diable. At the peak, after climbing to 200 m in altitude, you will literally be amazed by the spectacular view of the mountains, which surround the trail. You'll never look at this majestic park in quite the same way again!

    Book this activie online (step 3 - online reservation)
    Rate/person Parc entry fee included :

    - Via Ferrata "The Excursion" Beginner level 3 hours Adults(16 & +) 47.50$+taxes
    - Via Ferrata "L'intermédiaire" intermédiaire level 4 hours Adults(16 & +) 61.50$+taxes
    - Via Ferrata "Grande Virée" Advanced level 5 hours Adults (16 & +) 75.50$+taxes

    we will contact you by email or phone for confirm the appointment
    After confirmation, please note Only Parc of Mont-Tremblant can cancel this activitie.

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